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Why choose Pinpoint Promotions?

We have the Education, Experience, Creativity and Clout that no one can match and offer a FREE analysis of your promotional objectives with specific recommendations.

FREE no obligation analysis – Includes initial fact finding meeting, initial research and a preliminary proposal with ball park figures, time lines and division of responsibilities.

More Pinpoint Promotions

  • Promote Branch Opening
  • Motivate Salespeople
  • Stimulate Word of Mouth Advertising
  • Stimulate Sales Meetings
  • Balancing Improper Product Mix
  • Produce Sales Leads
  • Enhance Direct Mail Response
  • Promote Meeting Attendance
  • Collect From Delinquent Accounts
  • Commemorate Special Occasions
  • Spotlight Favorable Publicity
  • Recognize Valued Suppliers
  • Increase Survey Results
  • Use Sales Aids As Door Openers
  • Improving Client Relations
  • Imply Third Party Endorsements
  • Moving Product At The Dealer Level
  • Promote Early Buying
  • Offset Competitive Promotions
  • Enhance Plant/Facility Visitations
  • Recognize Volunteers
  • Woo Investors
  • Stimulate Ad Readership
  • Build Utility Through Co-op Advertising
  • Smooth Over Hard Feelings
  • Facilitate Policy Changes
  • Attract Qualified Employees
  • Save Salespersons’ Time
  • Reach Hard To See Prospects
  • Boost Point of Purchase Sales
  • Reduce Vandalism
  • Hold Prospects in Store Longer
  • Enlist Spouse’s Support