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A pet recovery system that utilizes a collar which is boldly embroidered with the web address “InfoCollar.com” and a unique (ID) number. Whoever finds the missing animal, simply goes to the website and enters the unique number. The pet’s profile will appear which provides many ways to contact the owner (home, cell, office, relative’s phone number, email, Facebook address, etc.) as well as photos for identification, medical history and any other information the owner would like the finder to know. InfoCollar.com avoids relying on the finder to take care of or transport a strange animal to reunite it with its owner.

Renew Rosary

The Renew Rosary is made of 10 “plastic cards” which can be described as large flat printed “beads”. Besides being used as counters, like a traditional rosary, they are printed with the instructions, prayers and mysteries.

They are held together with a cord that holds 3 beads and a clasp so it can be worn as a pendant or attached to a set of rosary beads.

It is light weight, durable and more practical than a traditional rosary. www.RenewRosary.com

Pocket Information Radio Guide

A handy guide for the traveler that wants to keep in touch with news, current events, traffic, weather, sports and talk radio. All from AM radio stations they can actually receive,(50M watt clear channel stations or nearby stations).Arranged by city, call letters and by frequency make them easy to find. Maps, charts and graphics presents the information in an easy to understand format.


Just In Time Key Holder

Provides a practical solution to the problem most people often face. That is, the need to remember to pick-up something (milk, etc.) on their way home from work or drop-off something (prescription, etc.) on their way to another destination or the need to take something (glasses, etc.) with them. The Just In Time Note Fob has been designed specifically to: receive and hold a reminding note that will automatically be placed in the palm of one’s hand as they are about to start their car. Besides providing relief from the anxiety, anger, and frustration of forgetting, the Just In Time Note Fob offers an advertiser the opportunity to place their message at the moment of decision on where to stop.

Auto Accident Guide

Provides the user a list of what to do and what not to do in case of an auto accident. It also contains a place to record your insurance information, the other driver’s information, accident reconstruction,witnesses, injuries and property damage. Also, helpful information to help avoid accidents, mechanical and emergency info and important phone numbers. Credit card size allows for easy storage in the car,wallet or purse.