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Cal Pfeiffer, owner of Pinpoint Promotions, has decades of experience in helping clients achieve their promotional objectives.

Some promotions consist of a single promotional tool that displays a convincing message delivered to a target audience. Examples

Other promotions require creating a custom theme, graphics, copy, printed materials and promotional tools. Case Studies

Valuable Partner – Kaeser & Blair, Inc. provides us real clout in the promotional product industry. Established in 1894. $90,000,000.00+ company.

Experience –

  • General Electric – Customer Relations
  • U.S. Army Reserves -100th Division – Instructor: Supply
  • Methodist Printing – Production
  • Laminating Services – Production
  • Courier Carton – Production
  • Ray Pfeiffer Associates – Sales, Management, Owner
  • Motivational Enterprises – V.P. Marketing, Partner, Sales
  • Creation of sales tools(company brochures, catalog and other printed materials)
  • Managed: Advertising, Publicity, Public Relations, Warehouse, Fulfillment Operations,
  • Art Department and conversion of manual order/invoice/payroll system to an integrated computer system.
  • Motivational & Pro-Co Promotions now MPC – Sales

Pfeiffer Innovations

  • Ohligschlager Paving, Sealing & Striping Co.